Things come and go in the world of video games.  One of the things that seem to be sticking around for a while is the battle royale genre.  Games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Blackout, and PUBG have claimed their space in the genre but we have a new challenger in the arena, Apex Legends.

Famous for their work on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment surprised (sort of) the industry with a battle royale game set in the Titanfall universe.  The game was rumored to be releasing soon with top streamers converging on Los Angeles for a secretive play session.  Days later pictures of the play session were posted online and it was confirmed that Respawn had something to show us.

The day after Super Bowl LIII (February 4th, 2019), Respawn held a live stream to showcase their new title.  A free-to-play, class-based battle royale featuring 3v3 action set in the world of Titanfall called Apex Legends.

Source: IGN  

The BR genre has been standardized by now.  Players start with nothing, drop into a map, collect weapons and armor until the last solo, duo, or squad is standing.  One major change to Apex is the addition of the class-based system.  At launch, there are eight “Legends”.  Each Legend has a passive, active and ultimate ability that helps create variety among the characters.  This is a very unique system that on first glance, in all honesty, I thought would kill this game from the get-go.  I was wrong.  Legends are balanced and while some do offer some very strong abilities, the majority of the gameplay is about the synergy between Legends and gunplay.

The thing that Apex Legends has that no other BR has does not end with classes.  Respawn has combined ideas from other games to create, in my opinion, the absolute cleanest UI for looting in the entire genre.  Blackout has a major issue with looting on consoles.  The new UI grid system was an improvement but managing weapon attachments is a complete mess.  Players have no choice but to detach every attachment from a weapon to swap it to a new one.  Apex fixes this issue completely.

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