Resident Evil 2 Remake: A Dream Come True

Can I say it?  I think I should say it.  Finally!  Hallelujah!


The Resident Evil 2 Remake is finally coming out January 25th, 2019.  This late Christmas gift is what I have been waiting for since the title was originally announced back in 2015.  Resident Evil 2 will be making the transition from tank controls and pre-rendered backgrounds to the more recent over-the-shoulder Resident Evil 4 style

Seriously Chris?

gameplay that fans adore.  Judging by the trailer this installment will be focusing less on boulder punching and more on the horror roots the series is known for.

Resident Evil 2 focuses around two main characters Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield (sister of the above pictured boulder puncher, Chris Redfield).  Leon is a rookie police office that just happens to show up for his new job in the middle of a zombie outbreak.  What a first day, am I right?  Claire joins the fray during her search for Chris, who has been missing since the events of the original Resident Evil.  The journey covers multiple locations including the Raccoon City Police Department, the sewers, and even a hidden Umbrella Corporation lab.  Resident Evil 2 also introduced two different stories allowing players to choose to play as Leon or Claire then completing a “B” scenario with the other character.  So this game included two campaigns, each with two parts.

Back in 2015 I understood this game would be in development for some time.  The wait for information about one of my beloved childhood games has been long and frustrating at times.  The same goes for the long-awaited Final Fantasy 7 remake, but that is a story for a different day.  E3 2018 finally answered my call and dropped the debut trailer for Resident Evil 2 and I couldn’t be happier.  You can check out the trailer above and encourage you to do so.


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